Saturday, 17 December 2011

Modern Technology

Its been a bit of a dull day here on the Bonsai Mountain, one of those rare days when not a lot happened. The piglets hit the jackpot when they found the back door of Trixie wide open, that was entertaining for a few moments.
Aside from the epic struggle to get the Shepherd Hut up the precipitous slopes of the Bonsai Mountain nothing noteworthy took place. For many months we have been trying to coax the Technohermit from his damp smokey lair and move into more spacious luxurious accommodation(see above). A few false starts, he was keen to buy a bus for a while (no I have no idea why either) and then after I saw a Shepherds Hut at a country show the plan gradually came together. Technohermit was keen once he saw what his hard earned pennies could get him and so an order was placed and yesterday the wait was over, the hut arrived on the back of a low loader. Dave and John had crafted it well, all we had to do now was get it up the hill.
If you want to see how five men, three 4x4s, three chainsaws, a packet of bourbon biscuits and an endless variation of knob jokes achieved this feat then go to youtube and search for Shepherd Hut Magicians, I will post the link when I remember how.
My part in this apart from organising it all was to clear the sleepy hollow type lane of over hanging branches. Now despite the fact I was there early doors chopping down trees, felling mighty branches, having an exciting moment with the chainsaw as the chain came off (life threatening) and putting up with Technohermits coffee (life ending) no one noticed the clear avenue, no, they all got an arse on about the apple tree twigs that threatened to scratch the roof paintwork.
Techno got bored watching me clear the way so set off to view his new home. He returned an hour later, "No good" was his verdict. This was a slight problem, the hut is custom made for him, how can it be no good? "Doors jammed, cant get in it" he continued. I see. Well as the chainsaw had just made an enthusiastic attempt on my life I took five to show him round his new home. With some trepidation I approached the door, turned the handle, it opened easily revealing the wondrous interior. "Door Knob!" he yelled excitedly, "I didn't think to try that!"
Once the hi tech turn and go door knob was explained I showed him the light switch, he flicked it, four lights burned bright from the ceiling. He nodded approvingly, "Hows they work, from a battery?" he asked, yes indeed I assured him, he nodded again, "Have I got a battery?" he asked, as the lights were on I told him it was highly likely. He tried the cupboard doors, stamped on the floor and all seemed well in his world. Thankfully help arrived in the form of the builders of this wooden wonder, David and John, before I had to start explaining the modern technology like the solar panel. I got as far as never hit with sticks but left it there.
The savior of the day was Colin who arrived in his super duper Land Rover Defender with all its bells a whistle four by four goodness it heaved the hut heavenward only stopping to untangle it from the apple tree I hadn't thought would get in the way.

Eventually mud and hypothermia caused the end of this merry bands fun and games and we left Techno exploring his new environment with all the bewildered curiosity of a Scottish Panda.

So apart from that nothing interesting happened all day. A big thank you to all who gave so much time and effort to making this happen, especially Colin, Dave and John.
Oh! There was one other thing................

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Hilarious and love the term technohermit....I also love the fact that you got it me hope for my own shepherds hut adventure :-)