Monday, 12 December 2011

Batten down the hatches

I spent far longer with the pigs today than I meant to, curiously two had chosen to sleep outside and were very reluctant to give up the two foot deep litter straw they claimed as their own.
The forecast isn't good, 100mph winds and the almost barn is not looking in a good shape but fingers crossed it will survive another winter. The critters don't have the access to technology we have but seem to sense that things are afoot weather wise, predictions are that its the worst weather for 30 years. Ferny Fern Fern from Ferntown has bagged a prime spot next to George, the other 18 Ryelands are all crammed in to the same sized space next door.


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Andy in Germany said...

Doesn't sound good: hang in there, it's only a week or to to the equinox and then it can only get better. Sort of.

I realise that with your background you've probably thought of this, but what about lashing the almost barn down?