Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Mission accomplished

Thanks to the Herculean efforts of Colin and Dave the move the hermit to suitable accommodation before winter gets a grip job can now be struck off the list. Once again men and machines combined to move the wooden wonder to its final resting place, a job that was done so quickly they had gone by the time I returned with their fish and chips. Techno was very happy, especially as he now had 3 portions of Britain's contribution to world cuisine to himself. I asked if he was now moving in, well not quite, he needed curtains first, a rug, perhaps one of them lamps with the floaty stuff in, some scatter cushions, a mattress. The list was growing. I left him wondering whether he could put a porch on it, that's what it needs see, a porch, keeps the weather out. I left him as he began looking for his tools. Well, at least we got it to him in one piece and weatherproof.

It also means we can get on with other things......

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