Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Head count

The annual paperwork has arrived, asking us how many sheep and goats we have on our small patch of the planet. This prompted a quick head count of what critters actually freeload, I mean, live with us at HQ. From a shaky start 6 years ago when we had a geriatric cat, a Gordon Setter, a Pathetic Triever, three ancient beagles, two rabbits and a bucket of fish rescued from a pond we now have four vermin cats, 9 of our own dogs, one foster dog (two on holiday as well) two shetland ponies, two larger cobs, a horse, six rabbits, 18 sheep, 10 pigs, 20 birds of various makes and sizes, a goat and a cow.

All of which co exist in and around the cottage adding to the general excitement of life.

Hetty, our cow, really added to the excitement today, behaving very strangely, like she was going to give birth. We already have a Bernese claiming pregnancy so we can do without a cow having a maternal breakdown. She did get in with a bull six months ago, so it cant be that, so we are in the wait and see what happens stage of smallholding. As usual.

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