Friday, 16 December 2011

Looking ahead

Things didn't go as planned today thanks to the weather, the first real snowfall put a major spanner in the works, thankfully we got our straw under cover yesterday (meant evicting 18 sheep) and Steve the window fitter turned up and er.... fitted a window in the apprentice smallholders room. As the snow put paid to planned journey ( I did try but stationary traffic meant the clock ran out) so I carried on with work associated with the above (future plans will include this detailed map) and assisted with the unloading of a new lair for the Technohermit. It arrived on the back of a low loader and tomorrow I have to work out how to get it half way up the Bonsai Mountain without reducing it to a pile of worthless matchwood. Either it will go well or it will end in tears with a really good video clip to upload on utube. Watch this space.

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