Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Where do you start?

Not a trick question, where do you start to tell whats happened over the last 40 or so hours? Without going into epic like war and peace mode so much goes on here its hard for us to keep up, a summary of key events is needed. Firstly the moody Rayburn has been coaxed back into life, thankfully it was nothing terminal, the SAS repairman thought my attempt to hoover up the debris from its non stop combustion was something that falls from cows backsides (four letters starts with an S, don't step in it) and after he did the same, but in a SAS trained way and replaced the wicks the furnace roared back into life. Steve has no idea what happened or why it happened but it did, probably it was indigestion, or spite.

The traveller man returned and has turned out fresh horses on the Bonsai Mountain, this means the Technohermit is making sure horses have water, which in turn means his nearest neighbours suddenly found they had no water as Technohermit had requisitioned the pipe.

They did have a smile on their faces about it when I saw them, perhaps it was gin in their T pot. I continue with my route marches across the slopes of the Bonsai Mountain saving fortunes in car running costs but running the gauntlet of flying biting stinging things.
Unusually we had an incident on Monday night that didn't happen to me, but to Tracey my beautiful and oh so patient wife. As she fed the pigs she became aware of two figures in the bushes watching her, it was almost dark, and they were dressed and hooded in black or camouflage gear. Not one to err on the side of caution she challenged the intruders who responded by shining laser type red lights on her, the type you get on weapons systems. Brave wife was supported by big brave dog who, in technical terms, chucked a mental, and our two would be assassins ran off across the militias fields. Yours truly enters the arena, not knowing the previous paragraph, and saw across the way strange blue and red lights dancing around. Thinking this must be a zombie attack signal I rally the troops and prepare to repel any undead who dare to cross our borders. Finding Tracey safe surrounded by agitated pork and bonkers dog a brief update is given and using my excellent tracking skills, aided by the fact its now almost totally dark and about half a mile away a security light comes on, a door opens and a flash of red confirms view that intruders live over there.
Now being a social worker I am a very tolerant sort, yeah right, and I am not in any way a nimby, and so a children's home across the way is fine by me. Who would begrudge children who haven't had the best start in life a chance to live here in our valley. Not me. But, if they chase calves, try and feed our pony golf balls and now think its right and proper to hide in our lane and frighten people then a visit to see them is in order. Unfortunately the staff were not as concerned as we were so we called it in to the local boy in blue to pop along and have a word in their shell likes.

Why this picture? Well it illustrates the speed the season moves along. X on right shows where the sun set on the summers solstice, you can see just to the right of the second X on the left the sun setting a week ago, and X on left is where sun set tonight. Soon be Christmas!
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