Saturday, 27 August 2011

Fingers crossed

I found this sick calf last might, across the field in front of Rock HQ, it was lay on its side, all the other cows including its mother were in the next field. First of all I thought it was dead as it was lay down, but it was shaking its ear and occasionally its tail would twitch. I went over to have a look and it stood up, and as the Big Belgian Blue Bull was walking over too I left them to it and phoned the militia who owned it. Sure enough an hour or so later he appeared, saga over, calf would be saved.

This morning , one side of the field a beautiful rainbow, the other a herd of cows, and a very poorly calf exactly where I had seen it 12 hours earlier. I phoned the militia, not to worry, infected ear tag so it gone lame, needs to be inside, hoping to get it sorted today.

And now over 24 hours on, the calf is still in the same spot. We are fighting the urge to go over and bring it back in, its been rained on, not had anything to eat from its mother and although it has stood up for a short time it hasn't really moved at all. Fingers crossed it makes it through another night.
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Anonymous said...

Hmm, not good thing, poor calf. At least he or she has you looking out for him. Maybe you should report this to their supervisors ?