Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Its not a competition

No, its not a competition, and that's not a reference to who can take the best picture of the pigs (although my efforts with a Box Brownie below I think are are pretty good) no this is a reference to the apparent competition between the critters as to who can be the most annoying. Some how the two Mangalitzas managed to escape the big pen and were found loitering with intent in the garden.
The cunning plan to get them to follow the feed bucket was an epic fail as they found the rabbits quarters and spent an interesting fifteen minutes or so terrorising the long eared rodents.
Meanwhile in the big pen the well behaved piggies were rewarded with a couple of buckets of windfall plums and damsons as today's gale brought them down a plenty. The two naughty piggies eventually saw the error of their ways and made it back to the big pen in time for the nut fest, I had been collecting the fallen nuts as well while waiting for them to sort their lives out.
Morgana took the opportunity to hog the bath
and Iggle showed how clever she was by drinking straight from the hosepipe.

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Anonymous said...

Please don't associate rabbits with rodents - they are Lagomorphs...xx