Sunday, 14 August 2011

Rock Recipe

First is an infrequent series of favourite recipes here at Rock HQ. This is leg of lamb stuffed with rosemary and garlic.
Dead easy, get a leg of lamb, in this case its Ryeland Lamb (Bee) cut a series of one cm groves into meat, rub whole leg with Olive oil, put sprigs of fresh rosemary in cuts, add a few slices of garlic per cut, season with salt and ground black pepper corns. Roast in a basting tin for two hours at 180. Should fall off the bone. Use the juices to make a nice gravy, add a splosh of red wine to it or some red currant sauce.
Serves six or makes one nice big sandwich.
Plate in bottom pic is larger than top pic, the meats not shrunk that much.

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