Saturday, 20 August 2011

Decent sorts

We get all kinds of people passing through our patch of paradise, ranging from lost Orthodox Jews to benefit claimants who, after being told their benefit office had closed for a fortnight one summer packed his suitcase and walked as far as he could for a week before turning round and heading back again. He pitched camp her for two nights and enjoyed a bit of Rock HQ hospitality. We also get geologists, mountain bikers, lost paramedics, members of the militia (searching for sheep, hopefully theirs not ours) and once a drunk who decided the pigs were so cuddly she got in amongst. Its an amazing sobering effect cuddling someone elses pig.

Occasionally we get what are technically referred to as R-Sole types, who are rude, have dogs that chase our sheep/poultry and who think that as they are on the footpath crossing our land they have every right to be as objectionable as possible thus reinforcing the stereotype we have of townies in the countryside.

Today we had several groups pass through, all of which were thoroughly decent types. One couple having enjoyed a meal at our local decided to walk off part of the calorific excess by following the well worn trail around the Bonsai Mountain. They made it as far as the end of our lane, took one look at the swamp in The Cauldron, decided that yes, Trolls do live there and doubled back. They knocked on our door, one of our pigs was in distress, it might be nothing but they wanted to let me know. Sure enough one was, a Mangalitza piglet with a cut leg, probably from a failed escape attempt.

The second couple passing soon after had walking poles, so were more than able to take on the Trolls thus undeterred by the challenge ahead. But they stopped and said hello, and get the award for the nicest hiker we have met here in nearly five years. In fact they were so nice and so complimentary about the pigs, the smallholding, life the unverse and everything that they left with a free pack of sausage. It pays to be nice, the Karma Police say so!

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