Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Puzzle time

It felt like I was looking at a scene from a Douglas Adams' novel about Dirk Gently, like when they found a horse in the professors bathroom, or the sofa that was impossible to fit on the hallway, but was there. Hetty, who is undoubtedly trying to get into the most annoying animal apart from goats category, got into the greenhouse today. Yesterday she added to the damage already caused by annoying goats, but the mini cow surpassed herself by getting in and then failing to get out unaided. Not wanting another turn of speed episode that would almost certainly lead to a leaky cow situation the softly softly approach was needed. For once standing and pointing whilst, with as much authority as possible it is to muster over a non English speaking member of the bovine community, uttering the syllable "Out!", worked, and further proof of the smallholders rule that an animal will be able to get through a hole exactly half its body size, Hetty trotted through the triangle window without injury.
I on the other hand with my immense capacity for self harm inflicted a large deep cut to my left thigh caused by carrying the cleared broken glass, and a graze to my head caused by not paying attention to direction of travel whilst trying to staunch the blood loss and colliding with a piece of wood in the garden archway that I had always meant to remove.
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