Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I took a stroll of the perimeter last night as night fell, in the last of the light I found Berry having a late supper off Daffodil, still feeding her lamb then even though Berry is nearly as big as she is. Ah well, it all adds to her daily calorie intake and my lamb chops. Night fell, and as

I walked back along the track with the woodland forming a natural boundary between our smallholding and the lands owned by the militia there was a disturbance, strange sounds from the tree line that made the Berners run off and had I not been such a heifer I would have tried to run after them. No torch meant no ability to identify whatever it was that was, in my imagination, about to leap from the trees and devour me. The camera flash failed to illuminate my would be assailant, but whatever it was it was getting louder and closer, and there was more than one.

A couple of braver Berners realising their mistake in abandoning the man with the tin opener came back and let off a quick volley of barks before their bravery evaporated but in the confusion we all made it back to HQ unscathed. The pictures don't give any clue as to the identity of the woodland beast but if it was werewolves their calendars wrong as its a while to the next full moon!
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