Tuesday, 30 August 2011


So there I was, plodding along up the track along the side of the Bonsai Mountain and onto the Ridge, my fellow commuters were sheep (two badger faced ones which were new) and my fellow foot slogger Rocky panting away by my side.

Signs of life down in the valley but up on the ridge the Rockmeister and I had it all to ourselves.

And then we spotted Mandy.

Never met her before, will more than likely never meet her again, but what an inspiration she was. Slogging her way up to the ridge line, huge pack with tango rain cover, obviously not out for a stroll. Me in my usual inquisitorial style had to know who why where when and so after a cheery "Hello" dived in with the looks like your set for a major expedition, walking far. Now I expected a Offa's Dyke response, as we were both on the track designated Offa's Dyke but this section is about as Dykish as a rugby pitch. John O'Groats to Lands End. Thats a top trump answer (see our meeting with the top trump walkers in the great TODO) So many questions to ask, but in essence, answers were, day 28, 15 to 20 a day, hope to finish end Sept, carrying all gear so camping out, made redundant so got the time to do it, loving it, mostly and feeling good about the whole venture. Amazing. The Jogle is on my to do list, but time wont allow even an insane attempt on bikes planning 100 miles a day. The great TODO was 30 a day on foot for 6 days, half an idea to do that again, all 180 but in 5 days, do able, but boring, done it. So nows the time to announce that all being well solstice next year will be spent doing the OTT, or the Over The Top, where yours truly and a select few are going to walk from John O'Groats to Cape Wrath, bivvying on the beaches, in 5 days or less. Raising money again for Prostate Cancer Research. Meanwhile good luck to Mandy, what an epic adventure!

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Anonymous said...

Are those bicycles or motorbikes running 100 miles a day?

If you decide on a bicycle based ride with a more sane daily target (say 80k a day), I'm interested...

Tony said...

80k! on a bicycle! this is supposed to be a challenge :)
Jogle on bikes is a dooer, its just getting the time off from the real world, would need to do 80 miles a day, 60 on a slack day:) plan for 2014. Impossible is nothing.....:)