Sunday, 14 August 2011

My new hobby

Speed fencing. Not the skipping up and down waving one arm in the air trying to poke an opponent with a "foil" (give me a broadsword any day) no, this is trying to repair damaged fences while keeping animals the right side of broken fence.
The fun started yesterday afternoon, the pigs were exploring the garden, again. Pam and Bridget made a real bid for freedom and ran off down the track to see the Technohermit. They would have made it into the wilderness save for the lure of the magic feed bucket, that and Technohermit dancing on his bone pile shouting "pork for tea". Suitable chastised the Mangalitzas were put back in the pen, along with their three little piglets who had also joined the escape club. Doing the Sherlock Holmes bit I wondered how they had managed to get out of the garden garden having jumped the fence, they had got out of the garden because I had let them out. But the garden garden, the patch devoid of life thanks to plague of goat, that showed no sign of disturbance, and the gate was shut. By half seven in the evening, when thoughts turn to cheap red and excess calorific intake, a strange grunting from the helipad confirmed that the pigs had a different way of escaping. Guinevere and Morgana were still in the pen, being well behaved Berkshires so they got a free go at the tasty treats put in the pen to coax everypig back. The hole in the fence was easy to find, it being massive, and thanks to some very deft hammer work by yours truly the three strands of barbed wire kept the beasts in their place. I also managed to complete task without striking self with hammer and without being bitten by inquisitive pig.

This evening the jobs list showed that I needed to inspect the fence at the top of Willow Rise. William has somehow managed to be in the yard two mornings in a row, if it was the Pgoor then all the ponies would be there. William had found an exit. I had to do the same and make it an ex exit. I soon found it, in fact the whole fence at the top of Willow Rise was on the floor, barely able to keep lagomorphs (live and learn! thanks) at bay let alone curious ponies. Despite the assistance from one of my little helpers who having black and white vision failed to see large yellow bucket in path so hit at some speed thus distributing the 1000 fencing staples contained therein a considerable distance. He of course sat and watched while I retrieved them, next week hes going to throw a ball to see if I can do other tricks.

Pretty soon the fence was upright once again, the exit had ceased to be, it was an ex exit. For now.
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Anonymous said...

So your Fencing foiled their attempt then?

Sorry, going now...

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