Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A mans gotta do....

...what a mans gotta do. And as the jobs list is getting even more massive than normal for the time of year and the bracken regaining a foothold (read blanket coverage) on last years battlefield I knew that even with the increased firepower of the posh blue strimmer I was going to lose this latest skirmish unless time could be devoted to exterminating the green menace.

Introducing Steve the Assassin, who boldly went with the posh blue ( I let him use my new toy rather than old yeller, not everyone manages his quirky temperament and the electric shocks) and decimated a huge area while I sat in the sun watching. Not really, much as I would rather risk death by wasps (see sunday) and a covering of green mush I was off site doing Red Kite Fostering stuff. I did get back in time to offer encouraging words and a coffee and cookies. During the interval the Ryelands, keen to make the best of any opportunity for calorific consumption, explored pastures new and made his task more interesting by lurking in the greenery and leaving fresh lamb mines to tread in.

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Anonymous said...

I well remember trying to eradicate this stuff on voluntary weekends in various places. It has impressive abilities to keep growing no matter how much you try and kill it.

In our Very Smallholding I'm working on the brambles and finding a scythe is effective for smallish areas.