Wednesday, 1 June 2011

And so ends restful sleep

Given there is a 13 week old apprentice smallholder here are Rock HQ you might expect the bags under my eyes to be from lack of sleep from nocturnal forays with the milk bottle. But no, Tristan sleeps through the night, every night (almost) and hardly ever disturbs my snoring. Pam on the other hand, pictured above, gave every impression of a pig in labour last night so kept yours truly at the stable door until exhaustion set in at 1am when I left her to it until the alarm went off at 3am. There she lay huffing and puffing, making very strange rodent like squeaks but no little Mangalizas to reward my night vigil. 5.30 am and I was sure fresh pork would have arrived but again was disappointed. I think she is saving herself to coincide delivery with Reba our Bernese who is also due to have a litter. Its never dull here.
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