Friday, 10 June 2011

I'm in love with my car... a feel for my automobile!

Hetty seems to have developed an unnatural attraction to Vic the Volvo. Could be his Green credentials, or that because he runs on gas he ans Hetty have a lot in common, whatever, she has jumped the fence to be close to him. When she thinks she is not being watched she licks him and rubs herself on his silver body work. Broken mirrors are evidence to the strength of her infatuation of the mechanical god.
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Tyra Shortino said...

Cool! Maybe Hetty just likes seeing her reflection on the Vic. He is obviously well-polished, anyway. That can’t explain the rubbing and licking though. But aside from those few scratches, I think things will be fine in his maintenance. Let’s cross our fingers that they won’t have quarrels… ever! :D

Stelle Courney said...

See that? Even animals are attracted to gorgeous cars like this! Haha! It’s just sad that because of the love that Hetty has for Vic the Volvo, Vic got hurt. Hehe! I hope this won’t happen again in the future. But the love must remain! ;)