Saturday, 11 June 2011

Getting better

One of the disadvantages of having great big dogs with a huge personality is that they can carry an awful lot of mud, and being the curious types an open window is too much to resist. The fact that the mud outside is matched by an equal amount inside, both sides, may alert you to a slight sense of humour failure in the early morn. I was, it has to be admitted, feeling a little jaded as the night before our friends the microholders came for dinner, a retro 70s dinner with cheese and pineapple on sticks, sausage on sticks with a choice of red or brown dip, prawn cocktail, chicken and chips and because no one seems to sell it any more, Black Forest Gateaux instead of the pud of choice, arctic roll. Equally retro was the drinkies to accompany the food, a bottle of mateus rose, which was voted as vile and no one drank it (I'm going to use it to clean paintbrushes or poison rats) Blue Nun white wine (you could just about swallow this) and Martini. No Watneys Red Barrel or Double Diamond so no beers were to be had. We did break into the Sloe Gin stash made last November, which was a great success and the probable cause of my pounding head.

The day was strictly timetabled and key to the success of the timetable was emptying Trixie of 548 kg of pig feed. This is done by the bucket load and takes some time. Today a world record was set, all 548kg moved from trailer to feed store in 10 minutes which raised a few pulses and meant a transfer rate of a full bucket every six seconds. My reversing skills have improved which was a factor in why we did this so quickly, I almost backed the trailer into the feed store, so close you could almost throw the bucket into the feed bin from the trailer. The beasts had to be bribed to stay out of my way, but this was a small price for getting such a major task done so rapidly. I then surprised myself by doing a 3 point turn in the yard which meant no 100 metre reverse to the trailer park.

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