Sunday, 26 June 2011

Heavy metal fan

A gloriously hot day appeared as if by magic and we made the most of it by cramming it full of activity. Early doors saw a trek around Worzel wood with lil T and two Berners, a mark of how dry its been is that despite all the rain recently the boggy section of the walk was still completely dry. After two rounds of bacon sarnies on the helipad the jobs list was tackled. Hetty the love sick bovine was eventually persuaded to leave the sanctuary of the dog kennel (its a big kennel, shes small, but not that small) and stuff herself on the lush pasture of our lawn, as lets face it at least she wont eat the apple trees like Ambrose her sidekick goat.

Pictures prove otherwise but she is making a good attempt at making the lawn like a bowling green. One that has additional steaming hazards and hoof prints, but its a good attempt. For a cow.

I cracked on with the DIY list, uppermost was the need to repair the stable doors that have been ravaged by horses, Bernese dogs and pigs. It looks like giant mutant mice have been running amok. Crispen our Ryeland Ram decided that as it was 30 degrees anywhere other than in the shade it was worth putting up with heavy metal, power tools and my "carpentry" skills.

He stayed there for the duration, only moving when I accidentally trod on him. Door fixed and rehung I felt competent enough to fix the rear stable door which also has a mouse hole big enough for piglets to run through. This upsets pig indoors who finds that she is not able to get through small hole and so sets about making it big enough. Thankfully she was as patient as Crispen watching my duffers guide to door repairs and once it was hung in place showed me how much she appreciated my efforts by immediately sticking her snout under it and launching it skywards. I managed to avoid injury by a combination of Ninja moves and luck as the armour plated door sailed past my right ear. Take two saw door retrieved from field where it landed and put back in its rightful place, this time secured by some real heavy metal in the form of bolts.

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