Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A good start

A good start to the day. clearing out the deep litter from the stable. Experience has taught us not to use anything other than straw for the deep litter, which is why it only took an hour to clean out the whole stable. Theres been a few flys in life's ointment today, Vic needed four new tyres, the furniture company that sold us our new Rock HQ office epic failed in delivering the items in 24 hours and four weeks on still haven't managed to send a fixing kit in the post to assemble parts of of the order and then took umbrage when I told them they were getting the furniture back. Apparently its being picky expecting the right stuff delivered and that it should be undamaged and with all parts necessary. The the techno gremlins broke the camera, the one that's been repaired 3x already and if it breaks again this time we will give you a full refund. This will no doubt entail a trip to the city and me refusing to leave the store until they do just that. I'm not prepared to be lent a pink camera again while they botch this one. And now the techno gremlins have got into the blog and apparently I have exceeded my store all your photos space, so the blog might be devoid pics for a while. Life was so much simpler this morning when I was shovelling sh*t!

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