Saturday, 25 June 2011

Did'nt you kill my Brother?

Flaming Junes torrential downpour ended some time during the morning, over an inch and a half of water fell out of the skies overnight. Having got used to near drought conditions, and so everywhere was nice and dry, its been a bit of a shock going back to foot deep mud in certain sections of the smallholding. The weathers been weird over the Bonsai Mountain, the hills surrounding us have been under low cloud all day. Rumours of a spectacularly hot day tomorrow are rife but it looks unlikely at the moment.

The days been a balance of smallholding tasks, Tristan and dog training. Small scale farming seems to be a tag event nowadays, one of us going out the door to do a job while the other comes back in to take over childcare. Tracey took Reuben to a dog training class where much to our surprise he behaved himself, didn't disgrace himself by squashing any small dogs and was, and this was expected, absolutely adored by all attending.

Word is out about our love sick bovine, on a quick trip to the vet instead of the usual good morning a ah you're the one was an indicator that someone had squealed. Top advice from vet was that if the Belgian brute had ravished our little cow then that would be a bad thing, she so tiny, calf so big. So we wait and see if she comes back in season in three weeks, if so, no problem, if your idea of no problem is chasing a randy cow across the county. No season means preggers so she will have to have an injection to end the pregnancy. Poor cow.

While dog training was going on I assembled Tristan's high chair and baby walker. I am getting used to doing jobs one handed, covered in sick and balancing a baby on my hip.

Once I was allowed out I set about the Bracken with the strimmer clearing a huge patch. Our hired gun has been back for two more days clearing and together we have decimated about four acres. So I set about the Bracken in the cauldron. About 500 metres from my last mishap with the wasps. Just to prove a point that lightening can strike twice I am currently sporting several large swellings on the back of my neck as, somewhat predictably, I did it again and hit a wasps nest. First I thought it was a lone raider intent on wreaking revenge for the death of its brother but as I dealt with it I saw fresh squadrons heading in for combat so I did what any sensible fat bloke would do and ran back to HQ screaming.

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