Wednesday, 8 June 2011


This is a well worn run from the gully along the side of the cliff and under the fence into our garden, foxes used this as a quick way in, and to prove a well known TROS (the rules of smallholding) that states animals can get through a hole one third the size of their body this is also

the favoured entrance to the garden for Levi. His attempts to raid the veg patch have been brought to an end by the careful insertion of a Glat. Glats are pieces of scrap metal, usually old tractors, bedsteads and car bonnets, strategically placed to block holes in hedgerows and fences. The longer you live in these parts, the more Glats you use. Here we have the business end of a garden fork doing a grand job.

Rocky's backside is an optional extra and bolsters the gardens defenses.
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