Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fathers day remembered

Fathers days have been a bit weird here for the last two years. 2009 fathers day was when Tracey's father died, how two years have passed so quickly is a worry. 2010 fathers day was the day we discovered that this bundle of fun pictured above was on his way. So this year, with him here and already four months old we marked the day with redecorating the living room. In actual fact we hadn't planned to redecorate, but as today was the first day he ate anything other than milk, we gave him some fruit puree, we might just have well have hired an automatic paint sprayer and loaded it with the mango and peach concoction.

All three of us persevered and once Tristan got the hang of swallowing it rather than insanely grinning, dribbling, sneezing it out or inhaling it in the end result, aside from multicoloured furnishings, walls, clothing and dogs was that he enjoyed it.

The days been spent in a loathsome DIY fest where the rubbish furniture supplier when finally prompted to deliver my worldly goods delivered fourteen cartons of flat pack, and when opened I found one was damaged, one was the wrong one, another was without a fitting kit and by the time I got to the fourth carton I was lacking a sense of humour and changed my mind about wanting any of it yet alone a book case that was twice as wide and deep than it appeared in the brochure. Rather than cut my nose off to spite an already troubled face I decided to keep some of the cartons which were pressed into action once assembled and am prepared to go to war over the rest when their office opens tomorrow. But by end of playtime I had a nice clean shiny desk and work station where I was able to spend a few minutes playing with my fathers day present, a Lego tractor.

Lego has changed a bit in the 40 plus years I have had it. I can recall my first set, a London taxi bought for me by mum and dad before they made the epic decision to leave 1970 town living and move to a farm, where dad went from petrol attendant to shepherd. So its thanks to them and him that I like Lego (still have all my original Lego in a box in the workshop) and I live here in paradise.
Thank you hardly seems enough but its heartfelt.
Thanks Dad.
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