Thursday, 16 December 2010

Take cover!!

Ferny Fern Fern from Ferntown has heeded the constant warnings from the media about the return of the ice age this weekend. Taking no chances she is eating her way into the hayledge where she will sit it out and wait. It seems the whole country is being terrorised by a giant snowflake that's fallen somewhere north of Glasgow and is heading down the motorway.
In our office we all got emails telling us that we should keep around 50 items in our car boots ranging from emergency distress beacons, rock salt, sandwiches, a flask of soup and a book (in case you get bored waiting rescue) this helpful emither was followed up by an invitation for all except essential staff to take leave tomorrow, those that were considered essential could work from home, those that weren't essential and had no leave left were reminded again of what to carry in their car boots.
By 4pm a snowflake had been seen in the car park, which caused mass hysteria and a rush for the exits. A final email arrived saying that as a whole 1cm of snow was absolutely almost certainly guaranteed within the next 12 hours we should go home. So we did.
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