Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Lap it up

The ice hazard is getting worse and although we are promised a thaw for the weekend the risk to life and limb while venturing outside is massive. I did try and get some rock salt from a big bin provided by the council, but several days of minus twelve meant that it lived up to its name, rock, and no amount of chiseling got any into the bucket. Plan B involved buying some nicely warmed rock salt in 10kg bags. I would not wish to accuse the vendor of profiteering but at £9.99 a bag it might have been cheaper to chick table salt around. Anyway the job is done, where there were once sudden death slides we have gritted walkways and the salt is melting the ice in places. That and the hot breath of animals in the yard who have found it transformed from an icy playground into a giant mineral lick.
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