Friday, 10 December 2010

No room at the inn...again

Space is always at a premium here at Rock HQ. No sooner have we built a shack/building then it gets filled with a beast, or two. Geisha our Anglo Nubian goat has been hating the cold weather, and as the old rabbit house is full of Beet, the goat houses have become refuges for poultry (to stop them being eaten) the back stable has pigs in it, there is no where left for her and her sidekick Ambrose. Trixie the trailer has been abandoned in an ice field that was the yard, the jockey door left open. Geisha has decided that this is hers and took up residence Tuesday. Somehow she managed to persuade us to bring her her food and water, so she has been cozy and warm waiting for the thaw. She ventured out today but clearly felt that her refuge was a better option A.N.D Q!
If only the camera had been in action today, we can take still shots (pot luck) but to have had the video facility today when the Ryelands en masse tried to walk up the lane on wet sheet ice, legs and fleece going in all directions, knocking each other over, running on the spot, stood still but sliding down hill. Fantastic!
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