Thursday, 2 December 2010

How was it for you?

The office was a bit emptier than usual today, the commute in made a teensy bit challenging by the weather. As usual I was first in, on my second cuppa by the time the next happy camper arrived and plugged them self into caffeine and keyboard. In dribs and drabs they arrived, all with tales of a snowflake causing chaos in town. How was it for you one of them asked after recounting a horrific tale of an icy side street causing panic amongst pedestrians until the council gritted the road. How was it for me? Well as you can see the first ten miles was pretty interesting. I used Hazel as Vic is poorly, failed the annual health check, bless him. He should be back in action tomorrow, but he wont make it to Rock HQ for a while, not after today's snowfall.
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