Monday, 20 December 2010

Long and lonely road

With a temperature of minus 10 showing I set off in Hazel on a mission to breakout of Rock HQ and do my duty. The journey was interesting, dozens of abandoned vehicles marked my route, the high mountain road was clearer than I thought it would be and mercifully clear of kamikaze horses. I finally made my destination, taking an hour longer than usual and made myself a well earned cuppa while planning the day. The phone nearly melted with the volume of calls, the majority of which were colleagues unable to get in. I spent a none too productive morning taking messages and contacting people to let them know there would be no one available to help. While I did this a further three inches of snow fell adding to the chaos. Some bright spark abandoned their car across the entrance to our car park and as I was the only vehicle on it I was keen to get it moved. Luckily I managed to garner a crew of volunteers who helped shift it just enough for me to escape. Roads were now treacherous in town, I helped push several hapless drivers out of the way and decided to abandon any hope of completing my duty visits so set off back for HQ. I had a bit of help for a long stretch, my own snow plough which led me up the tricky ice sheet of the mountain road. I got home late pm having achieved little.
As I was home in the daylight I fed and watered the critters at a leisurely pace. A liberal sprinkling of rock salt has transformed the yard, making it almost safe to cross. Geisha took no chances however and stayed put in Trixie. Occasionally she stuck an enquiring head out to see how things were.
Finding things were not to her liking she retreated to her bed and waited for room service.
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