Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Welcome to the jungle!

Our son Ben is in Belize doing jungle warfare training with the army. Its a bit of a way to go when he could have done it on our hill where a jungle flourishes.

I have been getting top tips on bracken control from a chap called Rob Marrs from Liverpool University. He has been conducting a controlled study on eliminating this menace of a plant.

As you can see these pictures show how thick it grows and in places its over five feet tall. Our fields were like this when we moved into Rock HQ but we attacked it with our brush cutter and reclaimed the grassland.

Emailing Rob has confirmed that we are on the right approach, cutting it is the best way of getting rid of it if you are running an organic smallholding like we do, on the other hand I was looking forward to a time when I didn't have to dress in combat gear and do battle against the foliage, I thought five years and it would be gone.

Rob has been cutting one area for 18 years and its still not clear.

I need a drink!

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