Thursday, 31 July 2008

Animal Hospital

We have so many animals that some times I cannot honestly remember precisely if I have definitely seen them that day.

Case in point.


Anglo Nubian Boer cross, multi coloured and her main talent is causing mayhem.
This morning when I gave them all their breakfasts Maggie didn't show up. On a mission not to be late I didn't go and look for her. As we drove down our lane we encountered all our sheep sheltering from the weather, no Maggie though. Usually she drives the sheep bonkers by shepherding them around, her two horns help make the point that the sheep should do as they are told. Best not argue with a mental goat.

By about lunch time I was starting to worry, I couldn't honestly remember if she had turned up for her evening meal either. By mid afternoon I was convinced that she was stuck fast in a fence somewhere, we are about due one of those, and on the drive home I was imagining that the RSPCA would be waiting in our yard to arrest me for cruelty to goats.

As we drove along our drive the sheep were in more or less the same place they were first thing, Geisha was with them, but no sign of the mental pointy headed one. Set for a long search in the heavy rain we pulled into our yard. On the step to nowhere was our Maggie who looked decidedly depressed.

Whilst we fed her a portion of goat feed Tracey inspected Maggie's feet, she had a slight limp a few days ago, perhaps that was what was upsetting her. Nothing seemed wrong but on closer inspection and during a second portion of goat feed Tracey found a large bump at the top of Maggie's front right hoof. A large blackthorn was buried in a puss filled lump, a quick squeeze and it was easy to pull out. Easy as in any task can be considered easy wrestling with a deranged goat in obvious pain who is trying to bury her horns into your face. A quick squirt of purple antiseptic paint and Maggie was released and free to go.

I would like to say that, much like Daniel and the Lion, she rewarded our kindness. However, this being Maggie she responded to the removal of the painful thorn by charging the dogs, knocking over the food buckets and chewing through the television aeriel cable.

Normal service has been resumed on both counts then!
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