Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Its a dogs life

This is Preston, and this is how busy we have been today.

Once all the animals were fed and watered Rock HQ was declared a work free zone and humans, canines, felines and two ovines found their own sunbeams and chilled out until the evening rounds had to be done.

Katy disgraced herself by taking a leak on my pile of cushions, made worse by the fact that I was lying on them at the time.

Maggie has discovered the apples on the trees and is currently making raids on the orchard, I haven't found out where she crosses the fence yet but when I do it will have to be raised by another two feet.

Looks like bad news on the duck eggs in the incubator, no sign of life, they were due to hatch last Sunday so we are well overdue.

So life in the garden was settled and calm, a holiday atmosphere reigned and a few ice cold beverages were consumed in the sunshine. Nothing could spoil the day. Apart from the wasp that somehow crawled along my arm and under my watch strap before injecting me with its full load of venom. In spite of having a bad back I can, when prompted move pretty quickly. Spectators would have marvelled at my vertical jump, my sprint to the first aid box not to mention my Karate moves which dispatched the wasp to its own heaven as I went. Additional points would no doubt have been awarded for the volume of my war cry and colourful language.

Luckily I didn't wake Preston.
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