Friday, 18 July 2008

Rumble in the Jungle

Ben is back from Belize having completed his jungle training.

From the sounds of it it has been quite an experience, jungle survival, killing things and eating them, wading rivers full of bitey things, snakes, bigger snakes, spiders, bugs, flying bugs, having to take a compass bearing to go to and from the toilet as its easy to get lost when visibility is five metres (one bloke got lost for nine days a while back after taking a wrong turn from the bog) Apparently after three days insects stop biting you as they cant stand your smell, its like wee but worse because of the ammonia in your sweat. He has survived high temperatures, hundred percent humidity, washing in stream and going to the toilet like bears.

We listened quietly, impressed at his tenacity.

But nothing he has been through is as tough as living with Ninja goats.

He has had it easy.
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jane smith said...

I almost accidentally logged on to talesfromthecrack tonight. It's quite a different site I should think!

Tony said...

Hi Jane,
I was wondering if you were still visiting the site, good to know I havent bored you to death :)

Think talesfromthecrack might be a bit too raunchy for the Rock HQ Crew.

With the weather being so bad, our second washed out summer here perhaps we should move to sunnier climes, who knows maybe one day talesfromlerock?

No chance, I am never leaving here!
Lifes too good, even in the rain :)