Thursday, 10 July 2008

Country Cousins

We get lots of visitors to Rock HQ, all are welcome, especially if they want to have a look around or better still help out with the jobs!

Everyone who makes the perilous journey up our track enjoys their time here and go away promising to return, no matter how dirty they get while here!

Not so sure about this pair though. My lovely mother-in-laws dogs seem a a bit agoraphobic to say the least. Holly and Zak are townies you see, the countryside scares them. Whilst the magnificent seven career around looking for stagnant ditches to sit in, fox pooh to roll in or chicken eggs to steal, full of the joys of life this pair seen sat in the yet to be dairy hide until they are escorted to the cottage front door where they seek out the safety of the sofa.

They went missing yesterday as I was feeding the pigs. They had run with the rest of the pack down the lane to the barn where the pigs are housed. Once their dogsitter was otherwise occupied fighting off the enthusiastic attentions of four hungry porkers they took their opportunity to scarper. Worried that I had lost my mother-in-laws precious babies I returned to the cottage to raise the alarm.

In the time it took Tracey to don her boots I had located the missing mutleys quivering in their beds. Ours have to be asked, cajoled, threatened with sticks and ultimately carried back to their beds. Not so these two, totally unlike their country cousins they cant wait to curl up in the safety of their pits away from the perils posed by the great outdoors.
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