Thursday, 24 July 2008

Feed me now!!!

The laziness continues unabated at Rock HQ.

The sun is shining, the grass is green, the skies are blue, the birds are singing, apart from the ones the cats have got, and all is well with the world.

Visitors are calling in and sampling the hospitality of Rock HQ which includes cake and a rousing welcome from our pack of dogs. Most visitors have got used to the idea that cars should be parked well away from the trees unless you want a goat on the roof. They still insist on wearing tidy clothes or cream coloured trousers, both are a bad idea when surrounded by the magnificent seven.

Trevor and William had a bit of a spat in the field, Trevor had found a handful of oats and was defending them from all comers. He kicked William buckaroo style about six times in rapid succession before William maneuvered to deliver a knock out blow. Luckily he failed to connect with my little possessive pony, lucky as a kick delivered with that much force would have broken Trevor and probably launched him over the fence and into our neighbours field. As I am already paying for torture sessions from an osteopath for a bad back gained from my sheep wrestling I just know fetching an unconscious shitland back across the border would have crippled me for life. Once William failed to deliver his death blow he took cover behind me in a bid to stop further violence whilst Tracey led our little aggressor away.

Trevor is not the only one to be misbehaving, Maggie was caught trying to get inside the rabbit hutch today, if only I had got the camera with me, but in the goat equivalent of trying to get a pint into a thimble she valiantly persisted until it fell on her, the open door saving her from injury. Laugh, I nearly broke a rib.

Our animals are not used to having us around so much, they are a bit confused. This is Katy who crashed into the sitting room earlier demanding we feed her now. Not wanting to upset a deranged Welsh Sheep Tracey took control and sorted her out while I continued to take it easy, I mean nurse my bad back.
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