Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The magnificent seven in action

A shaky shot that finally shows all seven dogs, eventually.

A quick update, the spuds are ready so we are eating meals of meat and one veg that is all our own work. As soon as the peas kick in we can add a bit of variety and colour to our plate. The courgettes are minute, smaller than a gnats widger, the three that are ready to pick wont make a meal. I have looked at the how to grow veg book and the serried ranks of plump identical courgettes in the photos differ greatly to what we have managed to grow.

The slugs eat the lettuce as fast as we plant them, I shall have to start night patrols again, one night I collected 136 slugs. They have ceased to be.

The tomatoes never recovered from my omission to tie them upright so they lie at crazy angles in the greenhouse, they are, however, showing a mass of little green tomatoes so hopefully we will get some soon.

The eggs in the incubator are due to hatch this weekend, 18 out of 22 are still showing signs of life so fingers crossed and we should get some Runner Ducks on Sunday.

Rocky and Reba are entered in a dog show this weekend, we have been looking forward to this event but might have to drop out.


We've been told our hay is ready, its in a field ten miles away, 350 bales and it needs collecting and storing this weekend, while the sun shines. All in the boot of our car as we haven't located a trailer to borrow and the van is an ex van.

It promises to be an interesting weekend!

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