Friday, 11 July 2008

I got in a bit of a mood last night. The rain gods have conspired against us and for the last six days we have suffered torrential downpours with heavy showers in between. These have been particularly heavy first thing in the morning and after 5.30 pm, times which coincide with our routine on the smallholding when we set about our other job of looking after the animals. There are only so many times you can put on your wet waterproofs and soggy boots and remain happy about it. I was cheered up as usual by the antics of the dogs running about the smallholding, chasing or being chased by goats and sheep. They all get on so well, even Faith the grumpy Gordon Setter has been adorable for the last few weeks, not so much as a raised lip yet alone a growl. Perhaps she has finally grown up!
Speaking of which here are two pictures of Reba the Bernese Mountain Dog demonstrating how much she has grown in 12 months and also how much we need to redecorate the conservatory!

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