Thursday, 2 July 2009

Goat buster

I was asked again the other day, why do you keep goats?
The above picture shows Archie and Ambrose legging it after being caught vandalising the lemon tree (first year we had the tree we grew 13 use able lemons, 2nd year when we had goats we grew a few shattered twigs).
Bravo broke her tether today and fortunately for all concerned was caught in the vegetable garden before she ate anything other than cumprhey. She took refuge in the empty greenhouse thinking I wouldn't notice her, then tried to run out through the end glass wall in an attempt to evade capture.
Juliet forgot about her tether today and climbed into a small sycamore tree, fell, wrapped her tether around a branch and just managed not to hang herself by standing very upright until I arrived with the branch loppers to free her.
Geisha spilt a bucket of dog food across the yard while Maggie climbed into Fifi for a forensic examination of the rear luggage compartment in search of spilt animal feed.
I have been stung, brambled, bit, fought off horns and generally suffered at the hooves of our herd and in return ended up with zero milk. Again.
So I ask myself, why do I keep goats?

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