Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Going Native

I Love where we live, the rolling countryside of Powys. I went for a walk last night to gather my thoughts so I took a couple of snaps of the view south west, the farmland....
..the hillside showing the common land above the fields (its the dark green unkempt bits at the top) with the sheep grazing happily. I zoomed in across the saddle of Fiveways crossing, two white dots had a familiar air about them. Like Burgers, our sheep, unrestrained by fences and hedge, sometimes have a tendency to wander and get confused, joining the hill sheep, going native as it were. Becoming pie filling later if not rescued.

With only five hundred plus acres to run around can anyone guess how long it took me and four untrained but enthusiastic dogs to persuade Meg and Hercules to come home?

All will be revealed.
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