Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Stone soup

There are many surprises in the life of a smallholder. Tonight as we drove along our lane we found Archie stuck fast in the stock fence, again. In fact he was stuck one square below where he got stuck a week ago.

The other surprise tonight was the hermit, who has featured heavily in our lives this week, who leapt from the bracken in front of our car clutching a parcel. Thrusting it through the window he asked if we could cook these for him. Tracey cautiously opened the bag, a box within contained Chicken drumsticks. He stepped back and grinned. As its Wednesday it would be a day we take him a meal, but him specifically requesting we cook his own food is a first. Tracey and I stared at the bag, "All you got to do is add taters" he continued before disappearing back into the bracken.

Anyone remember the Aesop's fable stone soup?
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