Saturday, 4 July 2009

Karma Police

They are real, the Karma Police, they do exist making sure any bad Karma is rewarded.

Faith our Setter has had a visit. Now animals tell you a lot by their behaviour, any deviance form normal behaviour is a sure sign that something is wrong. For instance Leviathan, one of this years ram lambs has been shaking his tail like a mad sheep, usually a sign that flies have visited and laid eggs on a poohy backside, the maggots if not got rid of quick will quickly opt out of consuming poohy wool to consume fresh lamb. Years ago Sheep had to be dipped in very very noxious WW1 type chemicals to prevent this, now we are allowed to wait and see, treating it when it happens. A much better idea all round. Anyway Leviathan was wrestled to the floor in a very manly fashion by yours truly and had his bottom examined for creepy crawlies. He was clear, no maggots, but he obviously had a bad case of runny tum, so bad in fact that the poor lad in his terror backfired and followed through. A stream of luminous green pooh streaked past my right shoulder and hit Fifi the focus parked minding her own business in the yard.

Back to Faith.

Normally when the kennel block door is opened she streaks out chased by the others, but as she is able to clear five bar gates as if they were not there she usually escapes and disappears into the bracken on the hill only returning when bored, hungry or called. Once she returned with a nine inch piece of fax tail in her jaws, a clear sign of the enmity that exists between fox and setter. Today she sat at my feet and refused to budge. Even when provoked by the rest of the magnificent seven she refused to provide them with their usual chase game. She sat quietly at my feet and accepted lots of fuss. Something was wrong. A quick check revealed a nasty tear in her right flank, a very bad cut, very neat, clean but obviously causing pain. Medical box out, quick squirt of magic blue spray and removed to the comfort of the stables she is fine. By the volume of the barking she is also bored.


Fishkillers never prosper!
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