Friday, 10 July 2009

Foiled again!

Having to conceed defeat to these piglets was not easy, they have all day to dig out the foundations of the old sty, whereas I only have a limited amount of time to shore up the defences from the inside. A huge hole appeared two days ago and Jewsons didn't have enough building material to fill it so I tactically withdrew from the battle. The result of all their snout work has now got them into the old sty.

I therefore barricaded the old sty door, which is in fact a nice inch thick newly built door that's four foot six inches high and three foot six wide, yes yours truly can sometimes build something that lasts longer than a lego model in a doctors surgery. The result of all their efforts has gained them an extra nine foot square. They seem to have lost the urge to dig out, perhaps the disappointment of finding an empty room after all their digging has put them off.
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