Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Monsters in my bed!

This is Lilly, a lovely Merle collie we are looking after until she goes to live with a smallholder from Dover way. She is very attentive and tries to shepherd the other dogs, tonight she found a vey cosy spot to keep watch. Meanwhile Geisha is doing her best to eat her way through.
We are beggining to think that one of our cats has fallen victim to the fox. The birds are no longer free range, we looked at a picture of the yard from January and discovered we only had one bird out of the fourteen pictured. They are now safely housed in the goat houses and let out when we and the dogs are out. The fox or foxes have visited us several times recently, Molly the long range Muscovy duck vanished leaving a clutch of eggs under the holly tree, we even saw one last Friday and its at that time our cat disappeared.
Now these cats know when they are on to a good thing, unlimited hay to sleep on, breakfast every day, all the rabbits you can eat. They have it so easy that they seldom wander out of sight of the house, and they are usually paired up. The other three have been acting weird as well, staying indoors and not taking your hand off when you offer to stoke them.
We live in hope but he has been gone now for six days.
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