Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Little Green Pressure Washer

Once upon a time there was a Little Green Pressure Washer.
He was a very happy Little Green Pressure Washer, living in a smart new house with a block paved drive with parking for four cars and a shiny blue motorbike.
Every week he would help The Man clean the drive and sometimes, if he was lucky the Little Green Pressure Washer would get to clean the big motorbike. Life could not be better.

Then one terrible day The Man carried the Little Green Pressure Washer from his cosy cupboard in the gym and put him in a van where some rough types just dumped him in an old barn. With spiders.
There he sat.
Wondering what he had done so wrong.
The The Man appeared and carried the Little Green Pressure Washer along a lane and left him in a caravan along with other power tools. This was very frighting for the Little Green Pressure Washer and he waited quietly for The Man to start using him again.
Time passed.
Some of the other power tools didn't make it. They were chewed by dogs, or got wet, or crushed, or all three.
The Man appeared again and took the Little Green Pressure Washer out of the caravan and put him behind the duck shed while he cut the caravan into bits and threw it away. An old bin was thrown over the Little Green Pressure Washer and he was left in all weathers to fend for himself.
The Man appeared once more and removed the bin, the Little Green Pressure Washer really hoped he had been forgiven for whatever it was that had made The Man so angry that he had been left outside a year. For a moment it looked like the end for the Little Green Pressure Washer as The Man carried him over to a skip, but The Man is a bit of a hoarder and could not quite bring himself to throw the Little Green Pressure Washer away. He put him, none too carefully at the back of the shed, for another year.
The Little Green Pressure Washer watched quietly as The Man crashed around the shed until he found him on the shelf, in a cage with broken tools. The Man carried him outside, it was all different. The Little Green Pressure Washer could see a new building surrounded by a sea of mud. The mud was very deep and mostly had fallen out of animals bottoms. The Man plugged him in and to everyone's surprise the Little Green Pressure Washer burst into life. Even more surprising was the fact that the man, not renowned for his tool care, found a hose, a tap fitting and a special connector to fit the hose to the Little Green Pressure Washer. Seconds later a huge clean area of gravel appeared as if by magic, the Little Green Pressure Washer was going to show The Man how useful he could be and then he would be looked after. Perhaps.

Four hours later The Man had uncovered the 40 tons of gravel put down in the yard last spring. He was very happy with the Little Green Pressure Washer, so much so that he cleaned him and put him away safely in the dry. Out of reach of the dogs. And rats.
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German Zollinger said...

I like how you write this story. You’re a pretty good story writer. Anyway, about the pressure washer, glad the man did not throw it away. I think the pressure washer is still useful, and it could still help the man. If the pressure washer has to really go, I’m pretty sure the man could find better equipment than that. :) #German Zollinger

Jon Sigurdsson said...

And the man and his little green pressure washer lived happily ever after.
This was a better love story than twilight!

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