Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Over the hills and far away

That's where I have been tonight in pursuit of our last missing sheep, Daffodil. No sign of her. The expedition carrying a bucket with some sheep nuts in to tempt her from the undergrowth did have several unforeseen consequences.

I took a "shortcut" down North Face Gully, a near vertical slope that would have cheese chasers quaking which ends in a rock face, easy to negotiate, not so easy carrying bucket and having forgotten the six foot high bracken hid the safe exit. Having stumbled through said bracken fairly safely the sight of my head apparently floating in a sea of greenery approaching from an entirely new angle freaked out Apollo and William who were grazing peacefully. They, on seeing my head, ran away and hid in the blackthorn bushes and nettles further along.

It also made me very late to take Mad Keith his dinner. In my haste to take him his roast pork and veg I slid Rene in the one foot deep muck and mud that pretended to be our yard and crashed into the side of Fifi the Focus wounding her front nearside wing. The reward for m altruistic efforts was an ear bending from the technohermit for being late.

Tomorrow I plan another foray into the wilderness to find a lone Daffodil.
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