Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Don't stop til you get enough!

The flock have discovered there is a new bale in the yard and have set about it with enthusiasm.

A strange twist to the Technohermit sage last night. The phone rang at 10.15 pm and after the compulsory who's that conversation it was finally decided that I should answer the phone in case it was burglars. It was in fact worse, it was The Technohermit ringing to tell me that he had hurt his shoulder. Really bad. In fact he couldn't move his head, left or right. For a few hideous seconds I wondered whether he was phoning to ask me to go around and massage him but thankfully it was just to ask advice. Take two paracetamol and lie down.

Not convinced of my healing powers or medical advice he reluctantly said goodbye. In the background I could hear the TV speaker straining to cope with the volume setting.

He didn't phone this morning so I assumed all was well.

By home time I was convinced he was lieing down in his hovel unable to move so first job back at Rock HQ was to do a Hermit welfare check. As I climbed up the track to his den I could clearly hear the theme tune to Emmerdale. He shuffled outside once I made myself heard. He was fine, taken 3000mg of paracetamol and couldn't feel a thing.

Hopefully he has run out now. We shall see when I take his dinner around tomorrow.

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