Tuesday, 7 July 2009

When I'm Gone

Today was Tracey's Dads funeral, a sad and joyous day. Sad because we mourn the loss of a her father, joyous because we celebrated his life. A poem was read called "When I'm Gone" which fitted the mood perfectly. Its sentiment and theme is one of fondly remembering loved ones who have gone at the simplest of prompts, in the wind that ruffles the young wheat, the sun that glances on the window pane, a bonfires smoke against blue twilight, its at times like these we remember.

It was not the easiest of days, there were many tears, and when we left the crematorium the sun broke through the clouds, the wind blew through the leaves and a family of ducklings wandered across the lawn. We remembered the words of the poem, but most of all we remembered Derrick.
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