Friday, 2 November 2018

Taking one for the team

So dear reader for you number single figures as yours truly has been so lax in posting, how did I end up missing a family holiday booked 18 months ago to centre parks in order to celebrate rug rat mk2s 5th birthday?
 Instead of lounging around in a private luxury villa with its own coffee machine and sauna I was left by the rest of the clan who took my its ok you go and enjoy yourself statement seriously to fend off the worst of the last week of September storm that took the temporary already been there a year roof off the second aviary
 to make running repairs, feed the critters, watch TV, paint toy soldiers, listen to loud music (OK there were some benefits) and all the time watching this one
 who appeared to be gaining weight unexpectedly. Yes 1 week before the holiday it was found that Bryn the Golden Retriever has ravaged Tasha and she was about to drop a litter any second. So as its mightily unfair to lumber any house sitter with additional midwife duties along with feeding everything else I took one for the team.
 And waited.
 Needless to say she managed to hang on until everyone came back from the holiday and refused to give birth until Tuesday morning the 25th (he who cant be named birthday) missing the 24th which is rrmk2. To top it all she gave birth naturally to one pup in the centre of the living room floor, an interesting conversation piece to the boys who were eating their pre school weetabixs and then gave up thus ensuring another massive vets bill as emergency caesareans do not come for free. However we have 7 gorgeous poop machines residing in a large box created by yours truly which currently takes up much of the dining room.
 Obviously you want to see pictures of the pups so instead here are the figures I painted waiting for new life to arrive which is much more interesting.
 Top pic Heavy Companion Cavalry from Alexander's army and below are some Greek mercenary light cavalry. Much better than puppies any day.

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