Monday, 29 October 2018

Good for the gardens

 The incredibly long hot summer which chose to break when we went on holiday, perked up for a few weeks more but on the day yours truly was supposed to be leading about 9000 schoolchildren up and over the Bonsai Mountain as part of the Kington Walking Festival it rained mightily.
 So much so that we decided to abandon any idea of taking little ones out into the wilderness on the assumption that dampness might affect their personal development. But! Being made of sterner stuff than 9 year olds yours truly and Keeeef decided to go anyway. Here we can see the effect of the summer drought, our local river has gone on holiday, Keef is in the deep bit devoid of water, for now anyway.
 Springtime this was a healthy river with fish, now its a great place to ride your mountain bike...ahem.
 However today the small god of rain took it upon itself to rectify the shortage of flow
 and in 3 hours great big puddles appeared on the Bonsai Mountain and surrounding area.
 Paths and hollows became filled.
 The trees are still missing from 5 ways, some scrote with a huge machine tipped up a few weeks back and massacred the shrubbery.
 So heavy was the deluge that we sought sanctuary in a Shepherds hut for a refuel and brew. Which is about this time I got a call from the apprentices school asking if I could fetch him a he was feeling poorly. Rather than explain my circumstances I just said yes but not for at least an hour, not because I had a brew to down but because I was so far from the car.
 But as the sandwich sharer Mrs Bear was hungry
and the brew was ready I took 5 mins to ponder the good things in life, like hot liquid on a wet cold day, before braving the elements again and rescuing the small ones from school.

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