Sunday, 11 November 2018

Long time no see

 Don't be fooled by the spotless bed, these terrors are filthy and in  no way able to accompany us to the local dog friendly pub for a lunchtime treat. First Berner form the right, Reuben would have created havoc inside a small space containing food.
 The reason why we were all at The Harp enjoying a lovely lunch
 was due to the kindness of our friends Nick and Wanda whom we last saw at Rocky's 10th birthday. We became friends when we met 8 years ago as they had Reuben's brother, Morgan, who very sadly died recently.
 Their lovely second Berner Oliver also passed over the Rainbow Bridge shortly after leaving them dogless. So lots of Berner cuddles were given by our clan members (despite the fact that they are less than show condition clean wise) and we even got Bryn, the father of the pups involved
 and Loki and Shadow
 plus all the puppies.
 It was lovely to see our friends again and they left us pondering when would be the right time to commit to another dog.
So we waved goodbye and hope to see them again really soon.

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