Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Bucket list

 As we have lived here for 12 years
 it might come as a surprise
 that in all that time
 Supergrandma has never summited the Bonsai Mountain.
 So today28 October (nearly up to date dear reader) in glorious sunshine we set off to get that one off her bucket list. Also for their first summit were the pups Shadow, Loki and
 Supergrandmas pup Lunar. Here is a pic of all 3, took approximately 15 minutes to get all three in a pic but we managed it.
 Mrs Bear found some nice fox pooh to adorn herself with while the apprentice lay back and watched the clouds.
 Topside the views were glorious. RRMK2 is showing every sign of taking after yours truly by wanting to climb everything
 but was able to join the victory celebrations
 with Supergrsandma who proved once again quite how super she is.
 Tristan had a go at photography, he now has his photography badge with the Beavers so is keen to capture most moments, some of which can be used.
 In all a great family expedition thay created many memories.
 It was so nice we spent ages exploring the summit
 fussing dogs
 and bouldering
 something rrmk2 is getting quite good at, this is a lot higher than it looks.
 Lots more pics
 lots more posing
 and finally we wended
 our way home to get ready for a treat at
 The Cattle Shed where everyone tucked in to the best roast dinner this side of Rock HQ.
 The pups are getting much much bigger
 and cuter
but this time they all have to go!

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